Welcome to PBHLLC. We are a technology development company specializing in creating and bringing new technologies to market in the form of fully operational companies. We are currently focused on developing high performance, distributed data systems for automated data handling for online marketing. We develop and maintain our own technologies and bring these technologies to market. All of our software is internally developed. We are a Microsoft Partner and Google Adwords Qualified company. We own our own servers, which are housed at Savvis, the second largest collocation facility in the US. We develop our technologies through our own people in the US and our captive development teams in Bangalore and Indore India.

We develop companies from concept to fully operating companies.

Currently, we are working on several new technologies based on social networks and affinity marketing with data-driven viral elements.

Our most recent spin-up is Performance Media Placement (www.PerformanceMediaPlacement.com), which is a fully operating company focused on online paid search and organic marketing. Performance Media Placement utilizes technology developed in house to automatically manage site content and AdWords campaigns to insure efficient error-free delivery of advertising services to the customer. The company is profitable and employs over 20 employees and is rolling out for an initial round of funding to accelerate growth, now that the company infrastructure is complete.

Recent developments include the most comprehensive database of convicted sex offenders, National Predator Database (www.NationalPredatorDatabase.com). This technology utilizes automatic data acquisition from each of the 50 states and contextual matching of sex offenders for major social network and dating sites. We currently provide data to some of the largest social sites in the world.

Additional developments in the works include advanced marketing technologies and viral affiliate marketing solutions and advanced contact and coupon delivery systems based on direction and proximity.

All of our development is done internally to develop fully operating companies from scratch, or jointly with equity or revenue sharing.